Milanese Apple Watchband (Black)

Milanese Apple Watchband (Black)


This strap is made from quality stainless steel and is equiped with a very strong magnetic shackle to secure the strap around your wrist. The italian style wristband fits smoothly around any wrist.

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Product Description

Are you combing the internet for Italian Apple watchbands? Our Milanese Apple watchband was created with a woven structure of a strong aluminum material. It’s very pliable and fits perfectly around your wrist! The stylish magnetic shackle is very secure to protect your Apple smart watch!

Hoco black Milanese Apple Watchband

The hoco black Milanese Apple Watchband is an exclusive wristband with a beautiful Italian design. The hoco Milanees stainless steel watchband is made from stainless aluminum and has a stylish woven structure. The wristband is very supple and fits perfectly around your wrist thanks to the Italian woven structure.

Stainless wristband with a striking design

The hoco Milanees Stainless Steel Watchband matches perfectly with the Apple Watch. This replaceable wristband is made from a strong aluminum material and has a stylish magnetic closing clasp. Due to the strong magnet the wristband is secure and fits your wrist comfortable. The wristband is easily replaced by another wrist strap. This way you can always adjust your Apple Watch for any occasion.

Make your Apple Watch stand out even more with this Milanees Stainless Steel Watchband.

This watchband is also suitable for the Apple Watch Sport.

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38mm, 42mm