Apple Watch Case (Rose Gold)

Apple Watch Case (Rose Gold)


This protective case is made from PC, a high quality polymer (plastic). With this case you protect your Apple Watch and change it’s design. Fits perfectly with our other Apple Watchbands.


Product Description

Rose Gold Apple Watch Case for the Apple Watch

Rose Gold Apple Watch Case offers your Apple Watch extra protection and change the design. This exceptional case is made of PC a high quality plastic. Fits well with the Watch Sport, and the Watch edition.

Maintaining the functions while protected

The protection case protects the Apple Watch against bumping, stains, scratches. The PC case is within seconds assembled onto the Apple Watch. There are holes in the case so the watch doesn’t lose any of it’s features and functions. This case leaves an opening for your microphone & speakers, the sensors and where you can charge it. The watch will still measure your heartbeat and all the other functions.

You don’t have to remove the case to recharge your Apple Watch or to use it.

The case is made of PC, a high quality plastic and fits straight onto your Apple Watch model both the Watch Sport, and the Watch edition.

Additional Information

Watch Size

38mm, 42mm